We will be going for a cruise up Putty road ending at Go Karts Go, Kearsley

Route Plan -

- Saturday May 26. We will meet at 7:45-8am at the carpark at 431 Church St, North Parramatta (where harry's cafe used to be).

- From there we will leave at 8:00am and take off up Old Windsor Road up through Windsor and then on to Putty Rd. Don't plan to show up at 8:15, cos we will be gone. Aim to show up at 8 or earlier

- We then follow Putty road all the way up to the kart track. We will stop once or twice for a breather as this is a very long stretch of road.

- From there everyone is welcome to stick around and have a race or two and then depart at their most convenient time, heading back whichever way they want.

What To Bring
- This is a long cruise, and Putty Road is a bit remote. It would pay to fill up with fuel before we depart, because nobody is going to want to waste half a day filling a jerrycan for you from some servo 150kms away. There is a servo right next to the meet point
- $50-$70 for karting

Hope to see you all there!