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Thread: RA28 Beams 3SGE KE Conversions kit?

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    Default RA28 Beams 3SGE KE Conversions kit?

    Hey guys, thinking about doing the beams conversion with the KE conversions KE70 crossmember, just wondering if anyone has actually done this? Just a little bit concerned that the kit widening the track 20mm each side will be an issue with engineering, i believe the NCOP limit is 25mm overall. Not sure if running shortened LCA's will throw the geometry too far out of wack or not.

    Will be talking to an engineer next soon (if someone can recommend a good one in Perth that would be great).

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    Default Re: RA28 Beams 3SGE KE Conversions kit?

    You are right, talk to an engineer. But when I had my car checked in NSW and several years ago, my engineer was ok with track increase where the entire steering assembly was changed. So, rack and pinion from KE70 into ra23 would be fine even if the track width change was more than 25mm because it was a factory setup in toto (I didn't end up having that done, but it was a part of the discussion). The NCOP has changed a little since then too.

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    Default Re: RA28 Beams 3SGE KE Conversions kit?

    Hiya. I'm currently going through the modification application process for putting a 1UZ into my A28. I have used a KE conversions kit that uses a KE70 crossmember. My setup is somewhat complicated, utilising AE86, KE70 and RA28 parts. Checking everything with an engineer before you get going is crucial. I did and the DOT are still giving me grief over the proposed power to weight ratio.

    I'm getting my engineering done through Adrian "Dan" Pitic. He is one of the recognised engineering signatories here in Perth (link to full list below). He has also previously engineered a mate's A23 which had a 1JZ transplant.

    Where did you get the figures that the KE70 crossmember will increase your track by 20mm each side? From factory, a KE70 has front track of 1320mm and an RA28 has 1350mm. KE70 and RA28 lower control arms are the same length.

    According to Section 11 of VSB14 (the regulatory guidelines for WA vehicle modification):

    Where non-original axle or suspension cross-member components are fitted, the offset of the wheel in relation to the axle or hub assembly used must not be increased by more than 12.5mm each side of the vehicle based on the specifications of the axle components used.

    link (pg 44 paragraph 2):

    Basically, if you can use components from a vehicle with wider track, you can then use that measurement as your baseline.

    Hope that helps.

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