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Thread: 1uz into RN25 1975 hilux (2wd)

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    Default 1uz into RN25 1975 hilux (2wd)

    I've recently purchased a rn25 hilux that previously had a holden v8 in it. I've also recently purchased a '93 1uz and auto to go into the hilux.

    I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any off the shelf mount kits for the older girls. If a kit for a newer model will bolt up or am I looking at a custom affair?

    Has anyone done this conversion and if so, what brake booster did you use, to allow for the engine width? I'll be upgrading to stub axels and discs from a later model for the front and r31 rear disc and calipers.

    Does the auto fit in the tunnel without modification?

    Lastly, is there anyone here who can wire it in for me? The auto will be full manual so I'm assuming that side of things won't need any electronics, am I correct?

    Thanks for any help, I've done a lot of searching on line and am kinda getting lost in it all. I'm doing as much as I can myself at home on the little truck so I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions along the way.


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    Default Re: 1uz into RN25 1975 hilux (2wd)

    I am useless in regards to any of your questions but keen to see it come together !
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