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Thread: Manual Conversion Discussion - JZS171 Crown Athlete V

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    Hello everyone!

    First post on this forum but have been following a few threads for a while and have now moved to Melbourne from NZ.

    I have owned a few turbo Skylines and Evos with my main street/track weapon as an E30 SR20DET which I have now obviously left behind in NZ!
    I love Toyotas, especially JZX90 and 100's both (both Chasers and Mark II) but didn't get around to actually owning one. So I decided to get a Toyota and now I have a 2003 Crown Athlete V JZX171.

    Main intention for the JZS171 is to manual convert it using an R154 and slowly build it as I think it would be quite unique!

    I have searched here, other forums and everywhere else with little to no information regarding parts required to convert these crowns! I know that these never came manual and allthough it has a following, its not as popular as 1J powered manual chasers/mark IIs to have builds/write ups regarding such things! Allthough there are a number of russian pages and very few japanese pages which display great examples of converted crowns, but sadly it either does not translate well and are not proper build threads/discussions.

    I have contacted a few garages in Japan including Rasty and Samurai-Style with little to no use as they are not wanting to give away such info! So far, apart from viewing many photos of converted crowns and drooling, I have had no progress

    So now I am hoping to gather info from all of you wonderful people and get going with gathering all that is required to get this done!
    I also have plans to do a writeup/build thread once I get going so please help !

    Following are the points of discussion:

    1* R154 from which application? i.e. JZX90/100 or JZX110 as they differ slighly in length and positioning of shifter
    2* Clutch/Brake Pedals - I was thinking possibly jzx110 mark II iRV or Verrossa but what do you guys/gals think?
    3* JZS171 has the fixed throttle pedal which I have read that can be swapped out with Verrosa hanging pedal (from the variant released for cold/snowy places)
    4* Converting handbrake (footbrake standard in JZS171) to HANDbrake OR make get adjusted to having 4 pedals (preferably not as I have seen converted on pics)
    5* Centre Console (no standard option so will have to make the current auto one work with manual shifter and boot, source a stepped rubber shifter boot from somewhere)
    *ECU - have read that Auto ECU does the job fine except it throws a few codes due to autogbox sensors unplugged/removed which can be ignored or have it sorted via piggyback or other options

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    There are a few manual converted JZS171s in Aus but I only know of 1 that was actually converted here.

    There are only a couple of us JZS owners on Toymods, but I don't believe anyone on here is doing the conversion. Most of the other owners are scattered throughout different forums but there are many on the "modern toyota crown owners - 170, 180, 200 & 210" facebook page, there's is a bloke on there at the moment doing the manual conversion.

    Throw up some pics!

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    Thanks mate!

    So I have found a conversion kit which has everything needed which is great! Allthough I haven't got much info regarding the conversion, a few guys that I've been in touch has advised me its similar to converting JZX100/JZX110s which is reassuring.

    Yes will add pics soon and can expect to have a photo heavy thread once I get going with the conversion! I have a few plans for the Crown!

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    Default Re: Manual Conversion Discussion - JZS171 Crown Athlete V

    Update please.
    Did the ECU handle the manual box fine?, being, no issues besides the error codes?


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