Does anyone know what must stay connected for the ECU to properly manage the engine. I am using the engine in a street rod and realize for safety the Fuel cut and circuit opening relay must be connected, but would like to eliminate the following by removing simply the wires from the ECU connectors and deleting the circuit:
A/c relay
Fan relay
Power steering pressure switch
ABS and traction control.
Stop light function thru ECU
Speed signal-(and speedometer) I understand this will cause check engine light to come on at programmed speed if you just disconnect.I also don't need the check engine light.If I eliminated the speed sensor and check eng. light, will it affect the ECU's eng. management.
The sensor for the factory "airbox flapper" for lack of a better term.(have custom intake)
I understand there is a fuel cut programmed for a certain rpm limit or speed..not sure which. How can I delete or increase that, still keeping the fuel cut for the Circuit opening relay functioning if the eng. is switched on but not running.If it is a speed cut, but the function needs to stay for the ECU to ground the COR for the run safety, I found a workaround. To keep it short, a 4042 "speed divisor' can be wired in the speed sensor to fool the ECU....would rather not add another device,(something else to fail) but it is simple enough to do.

Please reply with answers to any of these you've had experience with.