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Thread: Highly modified aw11 turbo

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    Default Highly modified aw11 turbo

    Registered 1988 MK1 Mr2 AW11
    $10,000 O.N.O

    Highly Modified Supercharged Import from Japan. This car has has no expense spared on the engine mods etc. Has been built over a period of 4 years in garage. I still have most of the receipts for parts and engine work.


    1.6l,4agze 7 ribbed Block STD Bore Size ( Block was stripped , measured, x-rayed, acid dipped, new coreplugs and painted). Bores measured, racing honed, reassembled by engineering company.

    Forged CP pistons, Spool rods, Cometic head gskt, ARP bolts/studs/nut on all internals, head bolts and flywheel. Crank std, x-rayed, balanced with flywheel and clutch plate. Findanza Lightweight Chrome-molly Flywheel, Extreme 6 plate paddle clutch for street and drag.

    Cylinder head is small Port 4age, modified in USA by VAC Mototrsport. Bench gas flowed and ported, under bucket shim modification, titanium dual valve spring kit, 270/282 street drag cams, +2mm inlet valves, Nitride coated valves. Rockers have breather pipe to oil catch can. Rocker covers engraved “Turbo Charged” NOT “Supercharged”

    LSD Gearbox as standard on Japanese S/C Import. Corrolla Drive shafts ( Thicker Dia). 7X15 P1 Racing Alloys x 5. New rear tyres, fronts still legal.

    1000cc water to air inter cooler c/w Bosch water pump, reservoir tank and cooler radiator.

    Davis Craig Electric water pump and control module connected to ecu.
    ( Mechanical Water pump Removed)

    Oil cooler c/w fan, remote oil filter and oil pump mod for higher pressure. Toyota new design oil pump new. Walbro 450lph fuel pump, 500cc injectors (have 750cc spare also)

    Nitrous Oxide wired and plumbed for Wet System, 10lb Bottle and brackets. Heater Blanket, purge line and remote bottle opener all fitted.

    EMS8860 ECU

    Coil Packs from Corrolla, Magnatec leads

    GT30 with .6 hsg new,Tail Waste gate, HKS Blow off Valve, HKS Timing Belt and adjustable cam gears. Performance S/Steel Manifold to 3” from turbo to 100cell racing CAT to twin tail pipe Holly Hookers Corvette Muffler.

    King Springs and Adjustable Shocks ( has rear std springs put back on due to height laws) Whiteline roll bars front and back.

    Polyurethane engine mgts

    Combat Body Kit from FX Design in Canada.

    Adjustable bucket seats,7” tv/cd/radio, Momo Steering Wheel, Quaif quick shift steering pinion (for racing ) Monster rev Guage with shift light . This car has 2 engine bay fans and inlet side vents (std has 1) and fuel filler is flush top mgt. Quick shift mod kit for gear change fitted.

    This car has had all Fuel hoses etc changed as to run E85 fuel. Never tried it as this car will run happy at 340HP at the Wheels as standard and 380HP with NOZ.

    All Dyno Run Results provided with Car

    Car has been painted underside with sound deadening paint and all brake,water,fuel and oil hoses painted and most nuts and bolts/brackets. A lot of work has gone into this car and would suit a dedicated MR2 enthusiast. Not for the faint hearted as this car is only 950kg (weighed). It was re-tuned on dyno and I had it reduced from 340HP down to 309HP. It is only driven into work and back (30mins per 4 day week since build)

    A lot of spares including door panels,cyl head ,oil pump etc as this comes as a package

    I am not looking for time wasters and no free runs in it unless proven true interest with proof of funds and insurance if test drive req.

    I am very open to negotiating price.

    Perth WA

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    Default Re: Highly modified aw11 turbo

    Pics? 10chars

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    Default Re: Highly modified aw11 turbo

    Is this still for sale? PM sent.
    1987 AW11 MR2 Supercharger (4AGZE)
    1974 TA22 Celica (2TG bored and stroked)

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