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Thread: [HELP] 1UZ-FE Gen 1 N/A to 350+hp

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    Default [HELP] 1UZ-FE Gen 1 N/A to 350+hp

    Hey guys,
    I tried looking up info before posting on google but everything seems to be classified . Im rebuilding 1UZ-FE first gen (1989-2003) right now and I must say I love the way it sounds. In my head 253hp on 4.0L is a waste is there a way to get it to 350+ without adding turbo, supercharger and all that so just N/A I found this video claiming he got to 407 on N/A but doesnt want to share his secret on how. Closest I got to the setup was comment "compression 10.5:1 assuming these are stock internals I might be wrong, but you can get it to 380-400 with bolt ons, cams/head work + and a well done remap, without changing out pistons or whatever". Im not a engine guy, have worked on the body mainly for whole life. Can someone help with advice so I can get it to 350+?

    Every advice is appreciated.

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    Default Re: [HELP] 1UZ-FE Gen 1 N/A to 350+hp

    Do you want 350 engine or wheels?

    Engine hp 350 is plenty achievable decent cams, and itbs with head porting. Bit of compression and your most of the way there

    At the wheels... The engine above was a monster but never really got run in anger. After he went to a iron block he had oiling issues and life got in the way... But it made solid number at the wheels... All top end though. The cams were massive. He also runs a vvti engine as the heads are significantly better in most every regard...

    Lloyd managed near 300rwkw with a 4litre bottom end but used e85 and massive compression and cams I believe..

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