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Thread: [sa]1990 sw20 mr2 v6

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    Default [sa]1990 sw20 mr2 v6

    Hi guys,

    Selling what used to be my obsession, my 1MZ SW20.

    I got it 90% of the way there and drove it daily + took it up the Collingrove hillclimb before I blew the diff in 2014. It's been garaged and sat since. I've moved on and really can't be bothered with the effort required to put it back on the road. I imagine that if I hadn't stressed the transmission so badly it probably would have held up just like the other 1MZ/S54 SW20s out there.

    The full specs:

    1990 SW20 targa, white
    1MZFE. Fully rebuilt from the bare block. Has had < 5000km on it since.
    SpeedSource poly mounts
    WoodSport 1MZ/SW20 mount
    Adaptronic E420D ECU
    BC BR coilovers
    K&N CAI kit
    Whiteline Adjustable Sway Bar
    Delta-V Reinforcement Plates
    Megan Racing Pillowball Rod Ends
    QFM A1RM Brake Pads
    93+ Gear Lever
    98+ Shift Knob
    JonO Short Shift
    RSE Shifter Drop Kit
    Solid Shift Cable Bushings
    Solid Shifter Bushings
    Luisi Corsa Steering Wheel
    Momo Boss
    17x7.5+32/17x8.5+28 Lenso Wheels
    215/40 Hankook R-S2 / 235/45 Yokohama Advan A-046d

    The body condition is reasonable. The worst of it is the front quarter panel which got a nudge in the car park. I have two spare panels ready to go. Some small rust spots starting to appear around the middle of the T-top. I planned on finishing the engine swap and re-spraying.

    What is required to get it back on the road?
    An S54 transaxle. The diff grinds and catches terribly whenever making turns at any speed, the fluid when drained was full of metal. I bought the trans second hand with the understanding that there was a Cusco 1.5 mechanical dif housed within. I can confirm that it's an LSD box but nothing more.

    What else?
    The wiring is not finished. There is an intermittent starting issue that can be resolved by disconnecting/reconnecting the starter relay. Due to this I've not put any effort into cleaning up the wiring after it leaves the engine bay. All of the engine bay wiring however is complete, clean and water tight. My intention was to have someone qualified pinpoint and fix the exact cause of the starting issue before I tidied up the loom and wrapped it in conduit.

    The tune is not complete and runs rough until the engine is up to temp. Fortunately this only takes a couple of minutes from cold and was never a problem for me as a daily driver. Once up to temp it's great. Getting the car back to Classic Performance and Dyno for the tune to be completed would be up to you. She made 135rwkw on the day.

    Car has had the plates laid up and can be registered in SA as a 4 cylinder.

    With unfortunate tyre scrubbing

    Updated pics to come.

    Pulled the cover off today and gave it a quick wash. She fired up immediately and ran exactly as expected. Considering the fuel is 24+ months old I was surprised.

    Price is a firm $5000.

    Contact me on 0430 801 337

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    Default Re: [sa]1990 sw20 mr2 v6

    Sounds great
    Lily Simpson 6.7.2010

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    Default Re: [sa]1990 sw20 mr2 v6

    Quote Originally Posted by JustenGT8 View Post
    Sounds great
    Yeah I'll miss that sound


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