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    Hello all, I've owned this car for almost 6 years and it's been amazing. However I'm moving to Sydney at the end of the year so I think it's time to finally part with it.

    190,XXX km on chassis
    Original paint
    No bog
    Straight chassis + body
    Daily driven, never tracked
    Currently has rego til June
    Blackwood, SA

    Price:8500 ono
    Without wheels and whiteline rear lights 6500


    Smallport 4age
    Microtech LT10s
    2.5 exhaust from the headers, hi-flow cat
    Boshe(?) fuel pump
    (Engine & ecu mod plated and legally registered)


    Pedders(?) springs 8kg F & 6kg R
    Pedders shockers F&R
    Aftermarket swaybars 25mm F&R
    Front strut brace


    AJPS dash mat
    Sub & Amp


    Whiteline rear lights
    Zenki front lip
    Volk racing mesh 14x8 -5[F] -15[R]

    Recent service history:
    Water pump, break master cylinder, alternator belt, changed idle rpm (Late 2015)
    Fresh G-50 box, smooth & no noise 2014
    S-series dif rebuilt 2014

    Engine recently had an oil leak from the head
    Faded clear coat on roof & bonnet
    Small patch of rust on the rear boot

    Can provide more photos upon request, thanks.
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