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Thread: Newcastle All Jap day... 31st of July

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    Default Re: Newcastle All Jap day... 31st of July

    Quote Originally Posted by trdee View Post
    yep there should be a few going. hopefully one of them pipes up shortly as i will be unable to organise anything for this weekend...
    I'll most likely be going but I'm a local so it doesn't count
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    Default Re: Newcastle All Jap day... 31st of July

    Facebook event for sydneysiders:

    Gold28 is going to be organising the run up from Sydney. Plan is to meet at Thornleigh McDonald's at 6am for a quick coffee and heading off at 6.30 sharp. If you miss the meet, then head straight to the event instead
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    Default Re: Newcastle All Jap day... 31st of July

    How was the turnout? Any good pics?
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    Default Re: Newcastle All Jap day... 31st of July

    Awesome event

    Toyotas from Toymods and CCG did well in event trophy's

    Heaps of nice car, so many fantastic looking early nissans. Some I'd never ever seen before.
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