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Thread: Bigport 4agze on smallport ECU?

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    Default Bigport 4agze on smallport ECU?

    Hi, can anyone tell me if this will work well. My AE101 GZE has spun a big end bearing, but I have an AW11 GZE long block I could replace it with.
    I am aware of the differences between the engines, compression, smallport to bigport etc. but is there any reason why the engine won't run well enough on all the smallport gear.
    In other words, will it work if I replace the Ae101 engine with the older bigport, and also retain all of the 101 ECU, knock sensor, map sensor and all other bits?
    Thanks for any info. Cheers. Rob.

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    Default Re: Bigport 4agze on smallport ECU?

    I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work OK.
    As you know, it's far from ideal, but then the factory tuning is far from ideal anyways.
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    Default Re: Bigport 4agze on smallport ECU?

    there is a fair difference in compression between the two and also the low-midrange air flow through the head is significantly different. I havent seen it done on a GZE but I have seen a bigport 4AGE running on smallport 4AGE electrics and it ran like a bag of dicks.

    if you can stretch the budget by a few hundo to an aftermarket ecu you will be in a much better place for it.
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    Default Re: Bigport 4agze on smallport ECU?

    Its just a compression difference, its not massive. If you swap your head and get it decently skimmed and run a 0.8mm headgasket I reckon it would run spot on.
    Only difference is the lack of oil drain in the block but eh.

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    Default Re: Bigport 4agze on smallport ECU?

    I recently bought an AE93 that someone has put a bigport in for unknown reasons. It's running the smallport ECU and sensors but obviously there is no provision for a knock sensor.

    It runs fine, seems to pull all the way to redline with only some very minor hesitations. From about 6500rpm it really screams. Engine light always on, codes 12 and 52, looking for its missing knock sensor.

    This is the only 4A-GE I've driven so I can't tell if it's slow or fast but it does seem to go well. Uses 10l/100km under spirited driving conditions. Less when sedate.

    Cheers Brad.

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