We recently took out a group of bloggers from around Australia to Calder Park in Melbourne to test out the new Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 tyres. We thought the best way to show you guys how great they work is to let guys like you test them out! We invited prominent automotive enthusiast bloggers from Club ITR (NSW), Downshift (QLD), Grip Shift Slide (VIC), JDM Style Tuning (NSW), Speed Nation (NSW), Skylines Australia (VIC) and Zen Garage (NSW) – here’s a bit of what they had to say about the new Potenza!

“I was allowed to push upto 80km/h in this test after a few runs - RE003 still hung on without any complaint or issue.” – Ash of Skylines Australia

“The Potenza was the clear winner with much more direct steering and much smaller steering input.” – Justin of Zen Garage

“The RE003 handled the tight cornering exceptionally well with very little road noise. The car felt a lot more planted than [with] the first tyre.” – Jared of Downshift Australia

“A more direct feel, a faster response to steering input and less body roll were the most noticeable changes.” – Matthew of Speed Nation

“The RE003 was sharp and direct, and also allowed the car to still rotate when pushed hard, not turning into a big mess of horrible understeer. Very impressive!” – Cameron of Club ITR

“Better water displacement means better traction meaning less unwanted over/understeer in an emergency situation” – Alain of JDM Style Tuning

“All in all this tyre is the perfect sport tyre and is great for spirited driving or the occasional track day.” – Grant of Grip Shift Slide

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