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Thread: Toymods redirecting and malware warnings

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    Default Toymods redirecting and malware warnings

    I am having the site redirect on both Windows using Chrome and IE, and Android using Chrome.

    It is redirecting sporadically to myfilesite . com

    One page in particular is being blocked by Chrome as containing malware, but this would be due to the photos in that thread being displayed on a server that is reported as containing malware. I can PM you the link to this page so that people don't inadvertantly follow the link to look also.

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    Question Re: Toymods redirecting and malware warnings

    Yeah... a bit of weird stuff happening. I noticed toymods had a different icon on my favorites list, and when I clicked toymods to visit this site I was directed to a "mediatemple" site. Poking around a bit further I found that the toymods link from my favorites listing had been changed from to .... WTF !!!!

    Deleted that link and made a new one... no more problems since

    Cheers... jondee86

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    Default Re: Toymods redirecting and malware warnings

    I'm finding similar issues with chrome on Android, not all the time, but randomly on different pages.
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    Default Re: Toymods redirecting and malware warnings

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