The new Mint Snow Foam is a super concentrate detergent that produces thick dense snow foam for cleansing the exterior of your car, motor-home, truck, boat or motorcycle.

It contains a blend of detergents, cleaners and foaming agents for the removal of traffic film, road dust and dirt. Mint Foam is safe on to use on premium waxes, paint protection, sealants and provides ultimate cleaning ability and also contains biodegradable surfactants.

Mint Snow Foam is ideal as a pre-wash to loosen dirt, and draw larger dirt particles away from the surface of the paint, and in some instances this could be used as a ‘touch-less’ wash’.

Note: This product is to be used in conjunction with a Snow Foam Lance and for best results we recommend the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance & your High Pressure Washer System.

From months of extensive testing different brands and types of Snow Foam Washes we have found that this product is most definitely the contender for Autobrite's Magifoam and we did find on our opinion that in some instances it did create more foam and better cleaning ability. And a big plus side, it has a much more pleasant scent than Magifoam! Big thumbs up from CCP team for Mint Snow Foam!

Remember to use your discount code also to receive 10% off and 500ml, 1L and 5L sizes are available for purchase here