We thought we would just have a basic guide, how to or step by step if you want to call it on the general wash maintenance as we still see and hear a lot of misinformation from our customers.

The Safe & Basic Wash & Dry;

Using the 2 Bucket Method; Bucket 1 with your favourite pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo, and Bucket 2 with fresh clean water (and grit guard). Use your favourite Microfibre Mitt or Lambswool Wash Mitt to wash the car gently! In short;- Wash one panel at a time, rinse into the 'Rinse Bucket'. Follow to Wash Bucket and continue to the next panel/area & repeat. This will help stop any debris or dirt adhering on the mitt and being dragged over the paint surface which could potentially mar and scratch. Do not use a sponge as this will mar and damage your paint!

Drying the car we recommend for you to use a Microfibre Waffle Weave Drying Towel as the safest choice (advisable for dark colours especially) or the next safest option of a Microfibre Chamois. Please we cannot stress enough NOT to use a traditional chamois made from pva, leather/skin or synthetics (including shamwow).

Add Ons; You could use a Quick Detailer to add a little bit of gloss. Or maybe a Spray on Wax which will also add gloss and a little protection.

The Intermediate/Obsessive; Pre-Rinse, Wash, Dry & Protect.

For those who are a little more obsessed and enjoy the Detailing/Washing side of thing we would suggest the following:

Pre-Rinse with a Snow Foam to loosen dirt particles and debris before you physically wash the car using your Snow Foam Lance + Snow Foam solution.

2 Bucket Method + Microfibre/Lambswool Wash Mitt & pH Neutral Car Wash to wash.

Microfibre Waffle Weave to gently dry the paint. A separate Microfibre Cloth for door jambs/boot area.

Protection / Quick Detailer: A Quick Detailer with Protection which should offer 1-3 weeks protection until your next wash whilst adding some nice gloss and removing any water marks that you possibly may of left.

We would suggest a high pressure washer such as a Karcher System, Gerni or other brands. These are safe to use on your paint within 30-40cm distance usually and will make washing and cleaning much quicker, easier and most of all safer for the paint.