Winter has most definitely kicked in, and many of you know are in areas that are definitely bit chillier than others! Sydney isn't too bad, but the outskirts to Penrith and down the Mountains through too Orange and beyond including Canberra & the Snow could cause your fingers to snap off if you washed your car!

With this in mind we do have a couple of products that may help those Frosty and Icey mornings or even days making them a tad easier for you to see with less effort involved.

1Z Einszett from Germany have a De-Icer Spray that works incredibly fast melting away frost and ice safely without any effort involved. Of course created in Europe for extremely cold winters over there, this concentrate spray just dissolves away the thickest of frost and prevents re-icing/frosting at lower temps. This can be safely used over Glass, Paint, Chrome, Plastics etc as it does not contain any strong solvents or methanol like most other brands on the market. Also quite handy for door locks if you're unlucky and have no central locking!

1Z Einszett also have a Anti-Frost Concentrate Washer Fluid that you simply add into your existing washer fluid to help you wash away winter grime, frost and prevent any further frosting of your windscreen up to minus 35!!! - Again this product is safe for on-going use and contains no strong solvents or methanol and will do no damage to your paint, glass, chrome etc.

Autoglym De-Icer Spray also similar to the 1Z Einszett De-Icer Spray offers quick melting of frost and will leave your windscreen or bodywork ice and frost free! This product is also safe to use and cannot harm or damage your paint, glass, chrome or other surfaces.

Visibility is the next most important thing. With Winter Season in place rain has become more common and driving in the recent downfalls we have can be bit of a concern, more so at night time...

With this in mind, we remind that Nanolex offer 2 Glass Sealants (Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant & Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant) which offer a high water repellent sealant for your windows (like rain-x) except these will outlast any other brand and offer up to 6-12 months protection over your glass surfaces to leave them dirt and water repellent which will allow better visibility and safer driving in both driving in the day and the night whilst raining. A single Nanolex Glass Kit can protect up to 4-5 cars windows (front, rear, and sides).

So if you're heading to the Snow this year, or even just in an area that is a bit chilly causing a bit of Frosty grief definitely consider grabbing something to make those mornings or days a little bit easier and warmer for you!