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Thread: 2jzge vvti Code 59.....Help

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    Default 2jzge vvti Code 59.....Help

    I have a swapped 2jzge vvti in my mx32 79' Cressida

    ....I have a code 59 at the moment (OCV vvti valve...) that comes and goes it seems.....let me explain

    It first came up like a week ago...I took the OCV vvti valve out and cleaned the filter and put it back in....cleared the ecu by disconnecting the battery ground...took it for a drive and there was no code 59

    Now.....Since then....I finally re-wired my TPS which had been throwing a code 41 since the swap got up and running....but the car drove fairly well anyways

    When I reset ECU.....Code 41 gone....yea!!!! BUT the code 59 is

    I suppose I have a VVti valve problem.....I followed the procedure for testing the valve and applied 12V while the engine was idling directly to the valve....and it stalled the I suppose I have a wiring continuity issue....

    My multimeter doesn't test for I'm gonna get another....what if wiring is fine?...

    ANy ideas why the code would go away and suddely come back? Maybe TPS was complicating issue?


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    Default Re: 2jzge vvti Code 59.....Help

    A multimetre can test continuity, measure resistance at the minimum scale. An open circuit will read infinite resistance, continuous circuit will read 0 ohms.
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    Default Re: 2jzge vvti Code 59.....Help

    You can test valve's resistance from the ECU end, probing right at appropriate ECU connector pins. Ask someone else to shake the loom and see if you have consistent reading.

    Valve connector itself may be loose, or the valve may be a bit stuffed. I've seen a number of them occasionally getting stuck for a moment, that resulting in ECU immediately throwing vvti system error code. The "semi-stuffed" valves may or may not work normally in simple tests like yours.

    And (just to be sure) inspect VVTi gear for leaks, there shouldn't be any
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