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Introducing their new Billet Compressor wheels with low inertia cores.

"Masterpower" from Brazil a strong name in Turbocharger industry worldwide since the 1960ís.
They are now original equipment manufacturers. Joint ventures with Brazil military and brazil Universities in effort to continually improve technology of turbo design.

Do you need diesel replacement or hi performance? MP provide both.

The new MP-Racing line launched last year feature Forged CNC compressors, new developed water cooled Low Inertia bearing system and revised turbine designs. MasterPower claim 5-15% improvements in efficiency and significant gains in turbo response comparable to BB units.

Do you need compressor Maps? Yes?...
For all you number crunching geeks out there MP now offer comp maps for public domain.

New Racing Line....
MasterPower-Racing series AKA 'MP-R'

MP-R363 & R364 (100-200hp)
MP-R444 (145-360hp)
MP-R474 (200-430hp)
MP-R494 (210-430hp)
MP-R544 & R545 (270-600hp)
MP-R594, R595 & R596 (360-650hp)
MP-R615, R6164 & R6168 (390-700ho)
MP-R655, R6564, & R6568 (410-750hp)
MP-R676 & R677 (440-800hp)
MP-R726 & R727 (38-840hp)
MP-R766 & R767 (500-1000hp)

1) 12mnth Warranty!
2) Super reliable turbos at an affordable price
3) MasterPower established nearly 40 years and are OEM manufactures.
4) Rebuilds and service right here in NZ
5) Proven on 6sec drag cars and Military vehicles.
6) Compressor and turbine maps available.
7) Made in Brazil

Prices from $800AUD

- I run a MP T04E on the Levin and it makes 300kw atw with 22psi of boost, coming onto full boost at 4000rpm, we have easily 10psi by 3000rpm!
- Another car on here we sold to runs a T58 and makes 360kw atw on a stock 4agte 20v using 30psi.
- Curren Brothers racing uses 3x of these on their 3 rotor Drag car at 40psi.

Curran Brothers Racing Limited - DRAG, CBR Castrol Edge RX2

We can help you select the correct size turbo for your application.
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