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Thread: Brisbane Valley Winery tour - Sunday May 21

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    Default Brisbane Valley Winery tour - Sunday May 21

    ok.. it's actually a tour along some roads that might have wineries worth visiting another day when we have a nominated driver and a big bus ... but it's a good idea to check out the venue/view first

    The Might be a Nice Winery tour - Brisbane Valley

    Sunday May 21, 9:30am departure

    meet at Motorama 4x4xMore, Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury.

    A lesurely tour thru Woodford, Kilkoy and Somerset areas nearby Brisbane.

    The proposed route is:
    -depart from Motorama at Salisbury
    -stop at the Mt Cootha Planitarium to collect straglers
    -up over Mt Cootha then thru Bardon to Ferny Grove then Samford Village
    -stop at the park for snacks and petrol
    -onto Dayboro then up Mt Mee (winding roads!)
    (i think half-way up is winery with a view)
    -then onto the Mt Mee Sate Forest lookout
    (which goes past Delaney's Creek winery)
    -Take the turn-off to the Mt Mee state forest
    -BBQ lunch at the Gantry picnic area
    -return to Mt Mee road
    -onto to Woodford then turn left on the outskirts of town
    -head to Neurum (then past the Archer Falls Winery)
    -past Villeneuve, rejoining the highway east of Kilcoy
    (drive into Kilkoy, turn left before roundabout, turn left where Hope street joins)
    -petrol station on opposite side of road if needed
    -head west on the highway, turning left at the Esk-Kilkoy Rd turn-off
    -travel south encountering some winding roads
    (we can stop at the bbq spot to look at the nearly-empty dam)
    -pass the Somerset Dam wall, drive thru the township
    -2k after township, turn left at Wivenhoe-Somerset Rd
    -much long sweeping roas with a few surprise corners
    -near 'Billies Crossing' turn left to go UP Mount Glorious Rd
    -after much hill-climbing, follow Mt Glorious road along the hill-tops!
    -stop at one of the lookouts along the top of the mountain to cool off
    -continue along to Mt Nebo road to encounter lots of corners
    -cool down as the road glides into The Gap for the ride home.
    -stop at the MacDonalds on way into gap for drink and stretch of the day

    BYO: tank of fuel, UHF radio (ch 28), bbq food, this page of instructions, a SEQ Region map and a UBD - we'll bring a gas bbq, cooking utensils, sauces, paper-plates and soft-drinks.

    EPA info about BBQ spot: link.

    Contact Scott on 0408 781 793 or Adam on 0405 258 940 to advise attendance.

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    Wink Re: Brisbane Valley Winery tour - Sunday May 21

    Hey mate.

    Any nice Celicas or Toyotas coming along? I might be interested..


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    Default Re: Brisbane Valley Winery tour - Sunday May 21

    not sure ... turn-out hasn't been fantastic lately (tho expect all toyota day to be impressive) ... best thing is to contact one of the guys listed above.

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