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Thread: Toymods Club Rego - Vehicle Use and Movements

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    Default Toymods Club Rego - Vehicle Use and Movements

    Hey Dudes and Dudettes,

    As those of you with Club Rego are aware you NEED to make a log book or day book entry each and every time you drive your vehicle. Ie If it moves, you need to log it.

    # If your vehicle is on the 60 Day trials, and its use is personal, fill in your Log Book as supplied by the RMS.

    # If your vehicle use is to attend a Toymods Club event or a Toymods Sanctioned event of another club then you need to fill in the Toymods Day book aka the Movement Form.
    This is so that if anything ever happens you are covered and won't have any trouble with the police or your insurance company.

    The Toymods Day book, Movement form can be found here:

    Remember it needs to be to be filled out and submitted PRIOR to taking your classic out for a run !

    This will also provide provide a bullet proof reference if your ever pulled over, involved in an accident or get a camera offence.

    In short the form will email to River, Myself and the Toymods Board and provides a digitally time and date stamped record for reference at any time it may be required. No more having to argue that your trip was valid, there is now a digital reference And yes you get emailed a copy of it as well to assist in any roadside discussions with the girls n boys in Blue

    Make sure you fill in the purpose of your journey with enough info so that if you do need it, it can be used to defend you. Ie going for a drive is not good enough. It needs to say where you are going and why. (eg Attending the Toymods Monthly meeting) The online Movement form is NOT for maintenance runs or to go get your pink slip. That's what your 60 days are for.

    Any vehicle movement still needs to meet the requirements for Historic Registration, just filling in the form does not mean you can drive it daily or whenever you like all of a sudden. If you have forgotten what they are call River or I for clarification PRIOR to your journey.

    Of course if you take your car for a run WITHOUT filling in the form, your poked and on your own !

    And remember, any time you drive your Toymods Club Registered vehicle you are bound by the Toymods Code of Conduct as you are representing the club.
    If you need a reminder the code of Conduct is available here: Code of Conduct

    Enjoy !
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