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Thread: Fitting a 2tg head on a 22r Block???

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    Default Fitting a 2tg head on a 22r Block???

    Hi all... I am new to ToyMods but have been a Keen fan of the TA22 Celica for many years and have owned a couple in my time but I have recently turned my sights towards these Classics one more..
    I have a 73 Lt with a Tired 2TG and have just started a complete ground up rebuild...
    the W50 gearbox has just been completely re built and I have fitted an alloy flywheel with steel insert and once finally back in the car proved to be a perfect combination..
    the engine is now out and I have sent it to a local guy who has built quite a few drag and muscle cars in his 30 year in the business and he suggests i fit the twin cam head and twin Solex Carbs to a 22r Block?? he says it should fit with very little hassle and that he will research it for me... I'm concerned about a couple of small issues like engine mount positioning and will the W50 bolt on to it?? he seems to know what he's talking about but I'm hoping to get some advice from people that have keen knowledge on this topic...

    any advice would be much appreciated...


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    Default Re: Fitting a 2tg head on a 22r Block???

    I've heard of this before up my way... Thought it must have been an 18rg twincam head they were getting mixed up with...

    If he gets it to fit let us know!

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    Default Re: Fitting a 2tg head on a 22r Block???

    Yes, this is never going to fit they are a different series engine with different bore spacing and different head bolt locations, I think your engine building is thinking you have an 18rg, perhaps you have if you do indeed have a w50 instead of t50 box behind it?

    If this was to work, you are replacing a free reving bottom end to a tractor engine, if you want larger capacity get a 3t out of t18 and bore it out 2 liters can be had and still free reving.


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    Default Re: Fitting a 2tg head on a 22r Block???

    Can you post a picture or two of the engine and gearbox. Then we can see what you have and make some suggestions.
    There are several quiries in your combination of parts that the pictures will clear up straight away.


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    Default Re: Fitting a 2tg head on a 22r Block???

    simple question is you distributor on top of the block or hanging out the side of you timing cover.
    Looking for a new toy. If you have something 18r powered let me know.

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