Hi everyone,

We've been collecting part numbers that are no longer available over the last 5.5 years through the course of business and we've now made them available to the public. Manufacturers like Toyota don't give out stock levels, only that a certain part is in stock or out of stock so there's no way we can gain access to stock quantities.

So to make things a little easier for you (and us!) please download the .doc file and do a search through the list to see if the part number you require is NLA or not. Please keep these things in mind when browsing parnt numbers:

- The list is updated only periodically, so there's a chance that between the time the list was made and the time you browse it, certain part numbers not on the list could now actually be NLA. This will impact cars more that are 10 years old or older.

- Just because a number is listed, it doesn't mean that the part is no longer available from other companies (like us) who stock parts. This list only represents what is NLA from Toyota Japan.

- The list is by no means complete, although we've processed hundreds of thousands of numbers over the years, there will be some numbers that we haven't come across yet for one reason or another.

- The list is made up of part numbers from all Japanese car manufacturers, also including Hino, UD and Fuso.