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Thread: 4age 16v aftermarket valves

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    Default 4age 16v aftermarket valves

    i was wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of some aftermarket valves for the 4age. apparently my local toyota dealer says 4age valves are no longer available. i no supertech do a valve. has anybody had any experience with these?

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    Default Re: 4age 16v aftermarket valves

    I actually bought a set of the Supertech standard size 4age valves, and have had them 5-way cut to match my redone head, but haven't had a chance to install the head yet.

    They at least look quite nice, and from searches I had done beforehand, appeared to be relatively well respected. They have black nitride coating on the stems, stems are oem length (so no worries there), valve heads are dished to save weight, the intake valves have distinct undercut stem areas just above the valve head for better flow, and I think they are supposed to be SS.

    They also make oversize ones, but I wanted to maintain stock sizes to avoid possible emission issues where I am at.
    So long and thanks for all the fish!

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