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Thread: 1 JZ-GTE vvti into Hilux

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    hey mate great build!, in the process of doing this conversion.. but trying to figure what 1jz to buy!, is your truck the IFS front?.. will a rear sump 1j fit with no mods?>

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    Howzit. Thanks and this thing is still running as strong as a bull. If you plan running it with the stock ecu than look out for the 1jz with the vvti. The 1jz vvti seem to come thru in better shape than the older 1j, mine only had 100 thou on the clock so all the pipe work and stuff was still very fresh. I changed my sump by getting rid of that pot and a front sump is a problem on the on the 2000 and up model. I made my own sump but Iv found a local guy here thats got a rear sump that he wants to let go and from what Iv seen it will fit and miss the steering arms, Im not to sure on the Ifs and here I think it,s called the SAF. I know that the vigo needs a front sump because they did change a few things, thats on the V6 4.0 L thou. Would say rather go for the R154 manual box, Im still running the auto and even after changing my diff out to a 4,88 it still needs to be reved up alot to get it on the move, Im looking to get a R 154 box in there by the end of the year, it will also be better on fuel. A big must is to give it a 76mm free flow exhaust and as big as you can on the intercooler, I threw the cat away aswell. Other than that Iv been looking at the HKS turbo which can kick it up to 300KW but that all comes at a very high cost because of upgrading ecu, injectors and and and. Other than that it dose very well for a stock 2.5 L and the japs really did make this thing strong

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    Howzit! looks wicked dude, very nice and clean.
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