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Thread: NEW Forum Feature - Infractions

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    They are the same as they were before, which are 3, 7, 14 and 30 day periods.

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    Free cardigans for all !*

    *terms for this make it impossible to claim said cardigan!
    Punctuation is the difference between...
    'I helped my Uncle, Jack, off his horse'
    'I helped my uncle jack off his horse.'

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    Default Re: NEW Forum Feature - Infractions

    Bit of a bump for this, but would there be a suitable infraction for someone posting essentially the exact same thread (in this case, a Wanted ad) 3 times in 5 weeks, including once less than 2 weeks after the first (and there were posts replied in both threads)

    User: zhemin
    Thread 1, 25/10/13 -

    Thread 2, 5/11/13 -

    Thread 3, 30/11/13 -

    All are wanted threads for an AE111, BZR/BZG with a big wing in the Sydney area. There is nothing in the new threads that couldn't have been added/edited in the original one
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