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Well seeing as i wrote this up for PF i thought i may as well copy it over:
So in the vein of Babs' hako thread, and Edos camerawork, i put together a little howto on removing a sheared bolt.

Firstly, find a bolt that has sheared off, like this alternator bolt, soak it with penetrene/rp7/wd40.

And pop a nice little punch mark into the center of it.

Then take your drilling tool of choice, in my case a re-cased Bluepoint air drill:

Internals by bluepoint, casing by supercrap.

Drill a hole down the center of the bolt, carefully. I chose a 3mm bit for this task:

I blame edo for the crap photo.

Then source an appropriate torx bit (i buy them up when they are going cheap at bunnings) and hammer it into the bolt.

Take one shifter with a 1/4" socket on the end and slowly and gently wind it out:

Voila, one removed bolt:

Of course there are other ways of getting bolts out, my favourite if that method doesnt work is to put a tack weld between the torx bit and the bolt.
If that doesnt work then ill drill out to 4.5mm and try an ezybreak... ooops ezyout.... and if that doesnt work ill drill out further and retap/helicoil.