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Thread: Fitting a Series II AE82, Grille To A Series I AE82

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    Red face Fitting a Series II AE82, Grille To A Series I AE82

    After people have been asking about this when i had my twinky, i thought i should post it up on Toymods,a mate do it to his twinky after we did it to mine..The reason the later grille's have a hard time fitting is because they are slightly wider than the earlier ones because of the headlights being different widths. The 85 early 86 AE82's have a narrower set of headlights and also have shorter indicator lenses on the sides.

    1985/Early 86

    Mid 86 - 88

    Series I AE82 with Series II Grille

    To Start with , you want to have your grille handy!

    Now you'll need to get a fairly suttle file for this job as you really don't want to murder the grille, ive heard of people using jigsaws and things which is really just to harsh on the grille in my opinion.

    Now to start filing, begin with taking just the surface off and keep going carefully until you have removed a nice even layer, your going to have to shave alot of plastic off the mounts on the grille as well as the side of the grille itself.

    Now after a fairly legnthy process of going back and forwards from the car and working out how much needs to be shaved off in order for the grille to fit , you should be able to get it in there but in a fairly tight fashion!!, thats how i like it because it helps keep the grille firmly mounted on the car and also makes it much harder for it to come loose etc etc.

    So there we have it, i hope that this helps you guys interested in doing this, it's also a preety easy little project but will take some time as you have to be carefull when filing the grille, also don't cut yourself because it hurts kids.
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