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Thread: 2AZ-FE converted for RWD???

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    Default 2AZ-FE converted for RWD???

    Hello All,

    As I'm sure you can guess by my username and signature I have a 1975 Celica GT - RA22. It has the stock 2.2L 20R. I am curious about the 2.4L 2AZ-FE that comes in a variety of new Toyota Models. From the displacement and description on it seems almost identical in size as the 20R, and probably more so the 22R, which would also fit in my car.

    My question is could this be converted for RWD? Does anyone know what RWD 5-Speed Toyota Transmission might bolt up to this?? Or if there is a place to get a modified Bellhousing that would work between the 2AZ and a W50 W55 or W58 transmission??

    I am considering this as a replacement for the tired old 20R because I understand there is a great amount of aftermarket components available for this engine.

    Thanks in advance for the input.

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    Default Re: 2AZ-FE converted for RWD???

    perhaps have a look at the 2RZ or 3RZ motor, been done in RWD and has lots of aftermarket parts support.
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    Default Re: 2AZ-FE converted for RWD???

    The American's go ape for the 22R-E, you provide a bottom end and there are customs parts available to complete the rest, including billet Alumnium heads.

    Other options are 1G-GTE, tuff turbo 3T-C, CA18DET, SR20DET, 4G63 (Evo motor and you use a sigma gearbox)

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