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Thread: Speedo Devices: electronic to mechanical and more

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    Default Re: Speedo Devices: electronic to mechanical and more

    Ok, since I probably won't be doing mine in a while due to priorities. Heres what I've found;


    S15 gearbox doesn't have a speedo - it runs from abs sensor/signal converter. So anyone using a S15 box as a transmission without the diff needs to find an alternative speedo.

    Luckily the IS200 gearbox has a speedo worm gear / and speedo drive. This speedo drive interchanges with the W5* boxes so you can convert IS200 electronic speedo to cable driven this way. So back to the problem the S15 shaft doesn't run any worm drive and hence no speedo capability. The worm drive from a W5* is too big ID and does fit. So heres my attempt to adapt a IS200 worm drive onto the S15 gearbox.

    Parts were purchased from lexus dealership. Try remove the 'T' and ask your local toyota may even be cheaper!!! dunno.

    Part# T33481-22030, Worm gear for IS200 6-speed, cost $60

    Part# T90467-25001, Clip retainer for IS200 6-speed cost $3.50

    Now the gear fits perfectly over the shaft as in above picture. All I think you need to do is drill 2 holes so the clip can clamp onto and you have a worm gear on the output shaft of your S15 gearbox (and possibly work on MX5/RX8).

    I haven't progressed further than that but im sure it will line up to the casting that exist on the box. That will determine where you drill the two holes (though im guess central location is best) but will need to do measurements.

    P.S. I have not tried this on my own box so I do not know if it will work 100%. But it take me few months before I even look at it so enjoy the info.

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    Default Re: Speedo Devices: electronic to mechanical and more

    im pretty sure castlemaine rod shop or castle auto electrics sold electro/mechanical converter boxes? cant remember which one unfortunately
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    Default Re: Speedo Devices: electronic to mechanical and more

    Super thread bump

    How did this go? Trying to sort out a speedo drive on a rx8 box now for my ta22 and it still seems like theres not a great deal of support out there for this

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    Default Re: Speedo Devices: electronic to mechanical and more

    Very interesting, it would be relativity simple to build a board that would take the digital signal and drive a stepper motor, hard part would be the coupling of the motor to the cable.
    Has anyone made their own converter ?


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    Default Re: Speedo Devices: electronic to mechanical and more

    I built a speedo corrector using an Arduino and fitted to a Hilux with a diff ratio swap. I used this site as a guide and it worked perfectly. You could take your speed signal for an abs sensor if you wanted to and correct the output very easily.


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