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Thread: RA28 Rear sway bar??

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    Default RA28 Rear sway bar??

    Hey, a parts car i bought a few years ago had a tow bar fitted (bolted off the tow points and near the shocks) but also had a rear sway bar (which i kept of course). Worked real well on the first project. Any ideas where/what toyota it could have come off?? RA40 maybe?

    It was a direct bolt up with 'U' bolts over the axels and pipped near the diff (sorry, don't have a pic)

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    Default Re: RA28 Rear sway bar??

    as far as im aware, the RA40 GT's were the first to have the sway bar althought the RA40 LT's have the holes in the chassis rail so that you can fit one. on my RA40 i used a RA60 sway bar and mounts.

    all RA60's came with sway bars so its likely that you have one of them. they used a 'U' clamp that bolted onto a bracket on the bottom of the diff housing

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    Default Re: RA28 Rear sway bar??

    It was probably an afermarket-type bar, these use two sets of U-shaped shackles and bushings on either side to fasten the bar to the lower rear trailing arms.

    It is simpler in my mind to use one of these on the ra23/8s rather than messing around with welding mounts and drilling holes to mimic the design on later model rwd celicas rear ends.

    second hand whiteline rear bar cost me bout $40 a few years back from Sleeka Spares in SA. it was about 19mm i think, and stiffened up the whole car immensely in addition to adding a big front bar..
    though in the end I didnt do enough 18RGE driving without the rear bar fitted to know whether it was 'better' to corner with, or whter it just made the car slide/wheelspin more during corners due to stiffer body roll.

    just my 2c.

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