Engine model and generation

1st generation 1FZ-FE from 80 series Landcruiser, inline 6cyl, 4479cc, cast iron block, DOHC 24 valve, scissor drive cams + narrow angle combustion chamber.

Top End Modifications
Stock cams with 3 degree retard
Heavy duty valvesprings
O-rings around combustion chambers
Copper head gasket

Bottom end modifications
Receiver grooves in block (to work with O-rings and copper head gasket)
Everything else standard

Forced induction
Garrett GT42 (74mm inducer)
100hp NOS (on highest hp run)

Autronic SMC

Fuel used
Martini 1400

Custom plenum on 100 series landcruiser stub manifold with 12 injectors + stock regulators

4 inch side pipe

Supra A340 4 speed auto, MV Auto built, heavy duty lock-up clutch converter.