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Thread: Further adding to Article - Putting S13 susp. into AE86.

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    Default Further adding to Article - Putting S13 susp. into AE86.

    Howdy all. Well I've been putting S13 suspension into my AE86, and encountered a problem while copying Simon-AE86's old tech-article on the old forums, even though the article said to use RA40 tie rods, but there was way too much freeplay, and also TR Magna ones didn't work either. I took the steering rack to get re-conditioned, as with putting in brand new coilovers and other bits and pieces I thought why not get the rack done too, also considering it is over 20 years old. My old man got talking to the steering guy, and asked him if he any ideas with regards to the tie rods. So we left the steering rack with him and told him what hub and stuff we were using, and this is what he came up with:

    *Re-conditioned stock AE86 steering rack.
    *MX73 Cressida inner tie rod.
    *2000 200SX (S15) outer tie rod.

    The 200SX outer tie rod slots straight into the S13 hubs that I'm running, but I'm running S14 rotors and calipers. All up the re-conditioned rack with the Cressida and 200SX rods, with all the tie rods being just about near new, cost me $80. Not bad I reckon.

    Here's some pics of the rack and tie rods, and also my rose-jointed S13 lower control arms.

    Also here's a link to the original thread:

    And here's the details of the guy who did the work on the rack and tie rod ends for me:

    Better Steering Service,
    9/76 Hume Highway,Lansvale,NSW,2166.
    9728 4499- Shane Pulbrook.

    Hope this comes in handy for some people.
    Cheers, Daniel.

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    Default Re: Further adding to Article - Putting S13 susp. into AE86.

    Awesome post, thumbs up from me.
    I'm sure they are just not on the arms for the pics, but everyone copying, you want lock nuts on the adjuster tierods.

    Give the guy some rep!!!

    The spanner in my avatar is actually a 16mm, that's why it's still new

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