HJi Guy's Last year I finished a 3sge into 2 door rav. Very happy with it, but I don't use it as a daily driver as it is not really comfy enough for 2 hour a day commutes
Sooo I am looking for a daily for work and weekend runaround. I have/am looking at using either a 84 bluebird or a corona. Personally I would much prefer to use a RT142 possible'
So far I know that I have no probs putting a non vvti 1uz into the bluebird, I can't fit the vvti into the bluebird a the plenum runners will foul at the firewall and the front inlet gives clearance issues.
I know there is no real clearance issues with a non vvti, I am looking to go do some measuring on a RT142 and see if there is a tad more front to rear engine bay room than the bluebird.
If anyone has any info on the 1uz into the corona be it vvti or non vvti and what support mods required would be very much appreciated. Planning on an auto.

Regards Neal