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    Exclamation Guidelines for Posting...

    Howdy Folks,

    Just thought Id take the opportunity to remind posters in this section of a few unique guidelines that apply to this tech forum sub category:

    This section is for Conversions ONLY...

    The focus should be on the technical aspects of the conversion process, and/or on specific technical milestones achieved with ongoing projects. A tech blog if you like.

    In addition to this main theme though, this section is also designed to encourage and reinforce the social culture of the club, the 'all hands on deck' nature that seems to come with conversion projects, as well as the odd bit of shennanigans that go on at 3am when everyone is tired and the gearbox still doesnt fit...

    It is NOT a substitue for a 'member's ride' entry, and is NOT a place to simply put progress reports for things you have done to the car. There is a specific section for these posts, please post there.

    In summary - this is still the tech section, and the no bullshit rule still applies. It will be moderated for flame wars, and useless garbage posts. Allowance will be made though, for posts that help build the flavour and texture of the conversion process, the fun and social atmosphere that makes these projects fun. Just dont get carried away...

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    Default Re: Guidelines for Posting...

    Further to the above,

    This section hasn't seen to much moderation, however, please refrain from asking questions in the first post, the tech section is for questions,

    Again this section is for Conversions that are either CURRENTLY happening, or have been COMPLETED and the post is a guide for things to look out for. Questions relavant to the conversion may be asked "inline" with the thread.


    If threads start with
    "How Do I"
    "I want to"
    Will be moved to the tech section

    Threads starting with,
    "This is the progress so far"
    This is a swap I did..."
    Are ment to be here.

    Your questions have more chance of being seen in the tech section.

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