Hey folks...

Welcome to the new Toymods forum. These forums are designed to provide (and maintain) a high quality toyota internet resource. In particular, the Tech an Conversions section may be considered a forum in which it is especially important to maintain a very high standard of posting. It is important that the Crap:Fact ratio in this section remains low. Please read the following guidelines carefully, or you will find your posts disappearing or locked without warning.

Firstly, it goes without saying that personal attacks, flame wars and other shit will be deleted without blinking...

Secondly, "Tech and Conversions" means exactly that. Postings in this section need to be relevant, informative, and to the point. The Outhouse and General Discussion sections are available for mindless banter when you're bored at work/uni/home etc.

* BEFORE POSTING a new thread, please use the Search function to look for any existing material that may already exist in the Forum back catalogue. Use of Google is also encouraged to get an idea of basic concepts BEFORE asking more specific questions.

* If a point of technical interest is raised within a thread that does not relate to the original topic, please start a new topic.

* Please do not continue to banter on about irrelevant shit once discussion over the original topic has concluded. Random crap at the end of posts will be deleted.

* Where possible, please limit 'me too' posts. Please create a new topic if your own issue is not resolved through the existing discussion.

* PLEASE do not simply regurgitate what you've overheard or read somewhere else, and call it your 'expert' contribution to a thread. Posts like this simply propagate misinformation. If you think you can refer someone to relevant web resources, by all means do so, but please do not make an independent 'statement of fact' about an issue unless you can substantiate it.

Remember, what you post on here is available to the entire web via google etc, as well as our own search engine. Write only what you would expect other people would want to read!

And please - no l337 5p34k and other web shorthand typing