Well there have ALWAYS been questions of what the differences are with the 4agze engines, and what has what... so here is a list of all the things I have learnt and remembered..

The Witzl's List of 4A-GZE Technical Stuff

The 4A-GZE came out in the following Toyotas...

# AW11 MR-2 supercharger. Bigport AFM type, with distributor ignition

# <5/89, AE92 Corolla Levin GT-Z. Bigport AFM type, with DLI igntion

# >5/89, AE93 Corolla Levin GT-Z. Smallport MAP sensor type, with DLI ignition

# AE101 Corolla Levin GT-Z. Smallport MAP sensor type, with DLI ignition

Now here are some of the differences of each type, ignoring the commonly known bigport vs smallport 4ag stuff.... like big end sizes etc etc...

Differences in AFM type 4A-GZE

# AW11 uses a dissy ignition system, and 7-rib block, no oil squirters
# AE92 uses DLI ignition (wasted spark with crank angle sensor and twin coil packs), also has 7-rib block

Differences in MAP sensor type 4A-GZE

# AE93 has slightly stronger rods, same as used in 100kW 4age from Aus delivered SX/GTi corollas
# AE101 has slightly weaker rods, same as used in the silvertop 20V 4age
# AE93 crank is same as 100kW 4A-GE, and AE101 crank is same as silvertop 20V. It is unknown if there are any differences AE93 vs AE101, but they have different part numbers.
# AE101 ECU has serial data (so can use scan tool), AE92 does not
# Pinouts on the AE92 and AE101 ECUs vary slightly
# AE92 has a claimed 120kW factory power, and AE101 has 126kW claimed power - the only real difference here is the twin exhaust on the AE101

Differences in MAP vs AFM and other notes

# MAP sensor engines have a smaller supercharger pulley, giving more boost from factory
# The AE92 and AE101 MAP sensor 4agze engines have piston oil squirters.
# AFM has 8.0:1 compression pistons, and the MAP sensor versions have 8.9:1 compression pistons. All 4agze pistons are ceramic coated and show characteristics of being forged (click here)
# all 4agze engines have the same internal engine componets as equivalent 4A-GE engine from the same age/car - except pistons..... AE101 gze has same crank and rods as 20V, but heads are different of course. AE92 smallport has same head, cams, crank, rods, block, etc etc.

Then there is the gearboxes from each car....

# AW11 - use an E51, with the linkages facing forwards
# AE92/92 - use an E58. Quite rare to get an LSD though, if you do, it will 90% likely be a MAP sensor version.
# AE101 - use E58, and LSDs are far more common.
# E58-474 -> open centre
# E58-11C -> LSD
# E58-XX* -> where XX are two numbers, if * is odd, you have LSD.
# E58 LSD and NON-LSD CV shafts are non-interchangeable.
# E51 LSD and NON-LSD CV shafts ARE interchangable.