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Thread: fuel gauge Z20

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    Default fuel gauge Z20

    i want to install some VDO gauges one being a new more accurate fuel level question is which one will i need to get an electronic one and can i just chase the wires up form the old one in the dash?. has anyone done this?

    cheers dave

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    Default Re: fuel gauge Z20

    before u do this i recon it will be hard finding a vdo gauge to match the toyota sender unit

    fuel level gages are the biggest pains in the butt cause u need to buy a matchin sender unit to the gauge which is easy but u them have to fit it to yr tank

    and it will prob be just as accurate as yr std one

    50% of gauges i do that they buy fuel level gauges they always buy the wrong matching sender or they dont realise that the std sender in the tank will not match the gauge

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